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Designed for CAs by CAs

We have revolutionized the collaboration between certification authorities and customers.  What we do is as functional as it could be.  We do not copy, we do not accept mediocrity.  Our success is driven by your passion for quality.
Survey November to December 2018*
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"For me, cert-all was a revelation that could be compared to the introduction of online banking.”
Karl Borgschulze, Managing Director of consulting service international Ltd. Hong Kong
"cert-all is your new essential certification app, cert-all is miles ahead of any other certification software. Good job !"
Jens Dammeyer, Executive Director of helios, Oil and grease analysis
"cert-all is the best for prequalification, since the invention of the computer ;-)"
Silke Lucka, skills!net Management consultancy, ProPharmaMed QMS-Support
"That's incredibly fast."
Björn Zeien, Chief Strategy Officer NOVENTI Health SE
"Every day I am more impressed and very happy that we have opted for the ASP solution from cert-all."
Dipl.-Kfm. Andreas Laux, Executive Director of azm cert - Akkreditierte Zertifizierungsgesellschaft Mittelstand
"The best certification software on Earth!"
Achim Stolze, Expert in digital health and quality
"The best part is that it just works ... and it works very well with every browser we tested."
Dr. Sigurd Riemer, Certification and quality management, Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V.

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Save your 3 letter code
Incorporate artificial intelligence into your processes and expand your skills as a developer of new standards
With a cert-all account (3 letter code, free and lifetime) you and your company can offer and use services, apps and add-ins via the universal cert-all platform and can interoperate.
Please note that we must confirm your account before publishing paid services (not required for free trial or closed user group). Regardless of where your daily work processes require support - cert-all offers the right service.
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Get better - together
The developers of cert-all believe that sharing creates value.
cert-all implements this idea and adds qualities like security, privacy and accessibility to be used in sensitive business scenarios. Regardless of where your daily work processes require support - cert-all offers the right service.
No single certification authority can compete with the power and speed of communities open to innovation
Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
cert-all - flexible blockchain network. Developing, managing and running scalable certification services
Full mapping of certification situations in the cert-all certification construct (collection, group, request, compound, scope, criteria, primitive) makes them understandable for AI (policy recommendations, assistance functions).
With the open source cert-all token set, organizations can easily meet the compliance, privacy, and governance needs of organizations of all sizes.
cert-all provide a consistent software environment on every device, easy to run and scale for every thinkable certification. Regardless of where your daily work processes require support - cert-all offers the right service.
real-time / AI / IoT
document based
cert-all console
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